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    April 16, 2013
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the latest for us again. pierre? >> reporter: sources are telling us that a letter addressed to mississippi senator roger wicker tested positive for the poison ricin at at senate field office in maryland. the tests are notoriously unreliable the source said, and the letter is being tested a second time for a more definitive result. the package was intercepted and never reached the capital complex. officials are saying security is being stepped up. ricin is derived from castor beans and can be lethal if ingested or inhaled. in 2004, a letter containing ricin shut down offices for two days. and in 2003, the secret service revealed president bush received a letter containing a vial of ricin. and again, i want to point out, we have no idea if this is connected at all in any way to what happened in boston. and also, you do not have a post mark on that letter yet, so we
don't know when it was sent. >> exactly. we don't know where it came from, or when it was mailed, but officials are saying right now, no connection to boston. no connection to boston that is known of. >> thank you, pierre. i know you will continue to work this story throughout the night. now we want to turn back to boston and the incredible stories we've been hearing all day. we are learning that one person who was in the crowd yesterday was a former line backer for the new england patriots. the beloved football team of boston. and when the bombs went off, he leapt into action. abc's dan harris is in boston to show us what happened. dan? >> reporter: a lot of people were talking about joe andruzzi tonight because the former offensive lineman for the new england patriots is featured in 5i picture that has gone viral. you can see him in the picture, who won three super bowls with the new england patriots, you can see him carrying an injured woman to safety. she is a mother, whose three daughters were unable to help her.
andruzzi happened to be at the finish line because his charitable foundation sponsors a team of runners that run every year. when the explosions went off, he started to help people. here's what he said late today. >> the three young girls were crying and they were yelling that my mom couldn't walk, and they were trying to carry her. i thought they were going to keel over. they were young and they weren't strong enough. they were trying, and i ran over and turned around, circled around and saw an ambulance within distance and carried her over there. and, you know, i was just looking to help in any which way i can. >> reporter: he said he had no idea there was a cameraman there, but there was. he was from the boston globe and he took that picture which has been e-mailed quite widely here especially in the patriot community here. andruzzi comes by his heroic instincts honestly.
his father is a former new york city police officer and three of his brothers are new york city firefighters. all of them were on duty on 9/11 and leapt into the fray to help people on that terrible day. >> what a story it is. thanks so much, dan. as we've been saying, the president addressed the nation, calling the bombing an act of terrorism, whoever is behind it. jonathan karl has been tracking the administration's response. jon, tell us the news. >> reporter: just a short while ago, the white house informed us that the president will travel to boston on thursday to attend an interfaith memorial service for the victims of the marathon bombing. earlier today the president summoned his national security team to the white house, including his attorney general, the secretary of homeland security and the fbi director, for a meeting in the oval office, to get the latest on the investigation. right after that meeting, diane, the president came into the white house briefing room, and
he told us that the american people refuse to be terrorized. but he also made it clear that this bombing was an act of terrorism. >> this was a heinous and cowardly act, and given what we now know about what took place, the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. what we don't yet know, however, is who carried out this attack, or why, whether it was planned and executed by a terrorist organization, foreign or domestic, or whether the act of a malevolent individual. >> reporter: senior officials tell me, they don't even have a working theory as to whether or not this was domestic terrorism or international terrorism, some kind of an al qaeda-affiliated group. they have no indication yet.
they say the investigation is really only now getting under way. meanwhile, the flag over the white house earlier today was lowered to half staff. that after the president issued a proclamation, declaring it as a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence perpetrated on april 15th, 2013. flags at all federal buildings, all around the world, embassies, consulates, and military facilities will be lowered and kept at half staff for the rest of the week. >> okay, jon, thanks. you mentioned that investigation. moments ago, i sat down with someone who was looking at that investigation with a very seasoned eye. he is the former mayor of new york city, rudolph giuliani. as you know, he was mayor of new york during 9/11. he sat down right here with me. >> at this moment, what is the most helpful to boston? is it surveillance tapes? are they studying those? is it the videos people are sending in? >> it's interesting. i was in london when the attack
took place on july 7 of 2005. they caught those people in less than a day. they caught them with tape. >> surveillance? >> they got a lot of surveillance cameras in boston. more than new york, less than london. >> more than new york? >> more than new york, less than london. you also had a very much focused on event with professional cameras, amateur cameras. it may be that some person photographing their husband coming across the finish line might have caught something. the critical film might not get turned in for two or three days. the person might not even know they have it. >> what's your message tonight to the mayor of boston and to the people? >> people should go about their lives. they should not let whatever form of terrorism this is, they shouldn't let them win. this is what they're trying to do to us. they can't capture us, overwhelm us, destroy us. all they can do is frighten us and try to stop us doing the things that make us a great
country. and we shouldn't let them do that. i heard mayor menino say that over and over again. >> thanks so much. >> and my heart goes out to them and my prayers. >> stay with us. because i asked mayor giuliani to stay as i brought in boston mayor tom menino who broke his ankle on friday, but still has been visiting friends and families of victims in the hospital and characteristically telling them, quote, we will get the sun of guns, we will get them. mr. mayor, so grateful you're with us. i want to check on what we know for sure at this moment. because we've been told that there's some evidence of some kind of pressure cooker from this bomb. we've been told to look for a big, dark bag. is there anything else at this moment you can tell us for sure? >> i know it's an ongoing investigation, but the fbi regional director said today that the pressure cooker might be involved in this incident, that we don't have any other
information that we can give to the public at this time. >> the surveillance cameras, are they everywhere? are you looking through them now? >> that is the most cameraed part of the city, that area. both public and private. and we're looking at all that video. i believe watching the video, we'll be able to find somebody who can be a suspect in this case and go forward. >> well, i want to bring in, if i can, someone whose voice you know well. mayor rudolph giuliani, who's been sitting and talking with me, and he was just saying he remembers when the red sox sent word to the yankees that we're on the same team today. mr. mayor, do you want to say something? >> my heart goes out to you and to the people of your city -- >> how are you? >> i'm very well. >> i can see that. >> we're getting through this. i found out that the community
comes together on issues like this better than ever before. >> mayor, one of the images that i take away from yesterday were your firefighters, your police officers, and some of your citizens, running right into the fire. >> the first responders did a great job. >> mr. mayor, we salute those incredible first responders and we thank you again. we were talking, mayor giuliani and i, about the fact that tonight the yankees are going to play "sweet caroline" in the a. >> that's an historic moment when that song goes off at the ball game. "sweet caroline." >> one small measure of what everyone is feeling in their hearts. ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ >> and that will happen tonight. by the way, the mayor's fund is one fund two mayors who have been both been in the crucible. n and -- and we said earlier that people across this country are expressing solidarity for
boston. abc's jon donvan tells us other ways. >> reporter: all the ways we find to say the simple words "we are with you, boston." it's the flags brought down to half staff, from the u.s. capital, to a modesto, california, ballpark. it's the way to say nothing and, therefore, everything. at a moment of silence at the new york stock exchange, and another at the house of representatives, and at countless sporting events across the country. it's finding a place to scribble the right words -- on a pair of skates. on the side of a florida bridge. it's folks who are runners tweeting in pictures of themselves in their running shirts -- hashtag "raceshirttuesday." it's an astronaut, tweeting in high-up photo of boston, which looks for all the world like a shattered glass. "a somber spring night," commented by commander chris hadfield. and then for sports-mad boston, the ultimate rival's tribute, the "chicago tribune" sports page statement of identity. the chicago red sox, the chicago
bruins, well, as even this yankee loving dad says to his yankee-loving daughter, today we're all rooting for boston. yes, we are. on behalf of a city in its pain, that is still all american, we want it known that tonight, the rest of us, we're all boston. jon donvan, abc news, washington. still ahead here on this special edition of "world news," portraits of courage emerging from boston. two brothers hurt in the attack. their mother tonight describing what it was to get that phone call.
♪ as we said yesterday, there were so many runners -- runners in the marathon, then those who had to run away from the blast. and in bravery, those who ran directly into harm's way to try to help. here's abc's josh elliott. >> reporter: as the race finishes, blood soaked chaos. first responders struggled to triage the wounded. the spectators and runners rushed to help the severely injured. and among the worst off, 33-year-old j.p. norton and his 31-year-old brother paul. the first explosion killed that 8-year-old boy, who was standing
right next to them. meanwhile, the brothers trying to shield their friends, also took the brunt of the blast. their mother liz describing to me her son's phone call in an abc news exclusive. >> they were hurt really bad. >> reporter: they both would require amputations of a leg just below the knee. paul's right leg and j.p.'s left. both brothers undergoing surgery late this afternoon. >> i was struck by the first question they have asked, they just keep asking about each other. >> and then they cry and then they ask again. then they cry again. it just makes me sad to know that one is worried about the other. while he knows that his leg is gone. heart breaking. >> reporter: in the same stands, heroes. carlos watching the race one moment and in the next, rushing to comfort a man whose legs have been severed. >> i was speaking to him, trying to give comfort.
trying to stop the bleeding on his legs. >> reporter: he was at the finish line, handing out flags to runners as a tribute to his fallen military sons. the tragic stains of yesterday's event still evident on the flag he clutches today. >> you help others and honor my son. i remember my sons. >> reporter: these two stories told as one bear witness to the senselessness and the strength in the crucible of monday's chaos. josh elliott, abc news, boston. and coming up next here, we'll bring you some other news from around the world making headlines today. and then believe it or not, from boston, the people of boston have something they want to say to all of us.
and now as we said, other news from around the world today, starting with a headache for thousands of passengers on american airlines. a computer glitch made the reservations system go down for several hours today, forcing american to make a rare move and ground its flights nationwide. it caused widespread delays and cancellations. 780 flights cancelled in all and tonight american says the problems are fixed, but the delays are not. and overseas now to the korean peninsula, we're looking at a sobering image of a u.s. marine helicopter that made what the military is calling a quote, hard landing. it happened in south korea, near
the border with the north. all 21 americans on board were taken to the hospital. 15 were quickly released. the others are said to be in stable condition. and the cause of the crash is under investigation. a massive earthquake rocked iran, near the border with pakistan. at least 34 people were killed, 80 injured. the 7.8 quake was so powerful, strongest in the region in 40 years, and it was felt 1,500 miles away from the epicenter, and that's as far away as new delhi. and tonight we are saying goodbye to pam summerall, a sports broadcasting legend. that deep voice, the style, the partnership with john madden, made him the voice of the nfl for millions of football fans. summerall played in the league for ten seasons and broadcast a record 16 super bowls. he died today in dallas at age 82. and coming up next, the people of boston speak out to the whole world, a message from
them tonight.
♪ and finally tonight, there are not many nations on this planet that do not know about the boston marathon.
in fact, the runners represented 96 different countries. hoping to get one of these -- the medals you receive upon crossing the finish line. on it, a unicorn, a symbol of bravery and the pursuit of perfection. boston is a city of big energy, big loyalties. and tonight the people of boston want to send back to the world their proud message. ♪ >> this is a close-knit place, the city of boston. here we know our neighbors. we grieve for them. >> as an american, my heart is broken. but as a bostonian, my resolve for the pursuit of freedom and liberty has never been stronger. ♪ >> i have to give it to the bostonians, people were giving us water, food, blankets to wrap on, everybody was lending a hand and these are complete strangers. >> you want to know who we are,
what america is, how we respond to evil, that's it. selflessly, compassionately, unafraid. >> we're strong people and we're not going to let anyone push us around. you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. >> that's who we are. we're fighters. >> we will not be bullied. we will not be pushed around. we will not let someone force us to be afraid of our own shadow in a city we call home. >> we must not feed the terror. this is america and even greater than that, this is boston. a home of the patriot. >> and stay with us at for the very latest. "nightline" at its new time, 12:35 a.m. eastern, and i'll see you again tomorrow.
and a dramatic new development to the shooting death of a paramedic in the oakland hills, five teenagers now under arrest for his murder. good evening, everyone. oof on the same day that paramedic is buried, five young teenagers are arrested for his murder. quinn boyd shot in at a stop sign two weeks ago for at the time an unknown reason. nick smith is live tonight with the five arrests we're talking about. nick, all 16 years old or younger. >> by told you that i would be meeting with the chief. we knew there had been a break in this case. we did not know is that people arrested would all are under age 16 years old, five people all of them from oakland, all friends, none of them gang ties but all of them accused in he being responsible for
the death of quinn boy yes, take a look at video we shot from the scene. 34-year-old quinn boyer shot after leaving his parents home two weeks ago today. this view shows you the location. now, the paramedic driving when hit. officials say he lost control of his blue honda before he went down this ravine. police started investigating the death as a homicide within 24 hours we've learned five arrests were made and the person police believe pulled a trigger is a minor. now, the chief would only say the suspect they believe responsible for the death is between 14-16 years old. this, says jordan is part of a disturbing trend. >> this is a disturbing trend in the city. far too often in recent past we've notice that had the age of the suspects involved in many crimes including
robberies have now ranged between 13 to 17. this is unacceptable and i call on the parents and school district adults to help change the cycle taking place in the city where young men is women are finding it's easy ask comfortable to point a gun at someone and pull a trigger. that is just intolerable and will not be accepted. >> chief jordan said investigators worked to identify suspects and make an arrest. investigators say the five arrests dmot have gang ties but they're friends and from oakland. police say there was only one trigger man and are confident he's among those. and they have confirmed tips from the community led them to a suspect vehicle. we told but that last week. the vehicle once processed and
gathered evidence led them to the suspect. they say that at least one of their and getting them additional information police at the time have not identified a motive in the shating. again, all five are under age 16. >> their ages is what is shocking here. thank you very much. >> hundreds of people attended the funeral today. his wife, father and mother escorted the casket accompanied by his fellow paramedic was firefighters and law enforcement officers. quinn boyer was 34 years old. >> now to, update the investigation into the bombings of the boston marathon. federal agents scouring the scenes for evidence including picking shrapnel out of walls. a 12 block area downtown is off limits. the death toll sthandz at three, but 22 people are in critical condition tonight. it now appears devices were pressure cooker bombs, household cookers filled with
explosives hidden in bags and packed with bebes and nails. police and fire unions are offering a $50,000 reward. among scores of people injured is a boy from the east bay. 11-year-old around hern waiting for his mother to cross when the bomb went off. >> di. and aaron, his sister as well as his dad were near the second explosion. the street where the race finishes is just beyond that barricade. tonight the family is at the hospital by aaron's side. aaron hern is usually an athletic 11-year-old but tonight, he's sedated and was with his dad, allen and little sister waiting for mom, catherine to cross the finish line when the first and then
second blast went off. >> i saw my daughter. i grabbed her and we ran up the street. >> soon realized aaron wasn't with them. >> i found him on the sidewalk with people that were injured. he was conscious. he talked and said my leg really hurts daddy. he was being brave. >> the family heard from doctors. >> doing well considering there is a major wound but going to be all right. and there is no no bones were broken no, arteries cut. >> law enforcement keeps close watch over boston. police, s.w.a.t. and officers everywhere. but throughout the security people still managed to pay respects to those killed and injured by the explosions.
aaron drove to add a flower to the memorial. >> it's shocking being from new york. i know how it s i know how people feel. i just wanted to give support, to help out. >> some runners also came to get a look at what is going on today. others quick to get out of the city. the family doesn't know when they'll be able to get back to california. they're going to take a look at wound on his leg and assess what care he needs from there. >> thank you very much. back here friends and classmates of 6th grader aaron hern are doing whatever they can to help the family. his parents niche a high school and his injury hit a lot of people very hard. laura anthon yes has that part of the city. >> they're just between the two.
>> catherine zribdz what happened to her young grandson. >> his hair was sinked he was that close. and his ear was a little red. his eye, swollen. i think that they did the preliminary clean up to his where shrapnel hit him. he had other abrasion autos his mother was nearing the end of the race when the bombs went off. >> my son ran to get my granddaughter and throwner a restaurant. >> aaron is a 6th grader, schoolmates worked on ways to help the family. >> the 8th grade start aid $1 a kid donation jar hoping to raise to send to the herns. >> allen hern is a coach. >> i feel so helpless with them there. >> this photographer took
these photos. this weekend she's organizing a portrait session and fund-raiser. >> and i'm hoping to enable families to preserve memories and in doing so help the herns. >> you can imagine extra expense they're missing work. they medical. so whatever the need is, the community will step up this restaurant is hosting a fund-raiser. 100% of the proceeds will go to the family. this is how the community is rallying around their own in a time of need. >> we're learning about three people who lost their lives one victim is a chinese national who went to grad school at boston university. his family asked his name not be released and in the neighborhood where he lived, hundreds gathered to remember the youngest victim, martin richard. young martin watching the race
at the finish line with his family. the bombs went off. a third victim, 29-year-old crystal campbell of fedford massachusetts was a restaurant manager who went to watch the race with her best friend. >> homeland security secretary napolitano said there no evidence that the boston bombings are part of a wider plot. still, police have no expects made appeal for video, groats or signs of sus spishus activity. >> any individual who expressed a desire to target the marathon, sus spishus interest in researching how to create explosives, noise of explosions in remote areas prior to yesterday which may have been used as tests by those. some who seemed to be carrying an unusual dark heavy bag around the time of the blast. >> at white house today president obama called the bombings an act of cowardice
and made plans to travel to boston on thursday. >> what we don't yet know is who carried out the attack or why. whether or not planned and executed by a terrorist organization foreign or domestic or was the act of a malevolent individual. >> the president ordered flags at half staff in memory of the victims. >> bay area people who attended or competed in the marathon are getting back home now. we've been speaking with many of them today. wayne freedman has the coverage. >> we like to say every person has a story. but travelers arrived from san francisco international airport today only one story mattered in so many different versions. >> loud loom. >> two block as head. >> thought it's a cannon. >> people started to run one way. emts going another way.
no one knew what is going on. >> you see snok smoke. you know there is chaos. >> there is no getting away from them. after flying across a continent. >> this is pretty emotional. an 8-year-old boy, they came out and watched and knowing that that could have been my family. >> san francisco international airport probably never looked better, baggage claim quiet. travel yefrs more patient. their memories of the day should have ended in triumph now changed. >> i don't know what to say. i don't know. just awful. so dark. and so horrible for someone to think of doing such a thing. it's just heart breaking. >> i'm scared. >> scared vulnerable. >> what is the first thing you do when you go snom. >> hug my kids.
>> if you weren't in boston, maybe you did. from sfo, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> security for the biggest foolt race is a growing concern. the race is coming up in just 32 days and it attracts more than 50,000 participants. organizers say they're working with police to keep runners safe. >> this race is 102 years old this year. and we'll continue to work with the police to look at areas on the course they believe may be a concern. >> it's been reported to be over $1 million. paying for more security could be a problem because beta breakers struggled with keeping big money sponsor autos happening now san francisco road runners club is gathering they're about to hold a special run for boston.
none was hurt. tonight's run is a tribute to those injured. their route from the west entrance where sky 7 is above well spell out the word boston on a map. a couple dozen runners are taking part tonight. >> and ama will continue to cover bombings this week. am pa. tweeted this picture near the blast seen. you can follow her here and on twitter. >> still ahead here tonight at 6:00 what some vandals did in a yard. >> that triggered a pou year lert throughout the bay area. >> i'm nannette mirror randa. gun control takes center stage and a committee begins debating tougher gun laws for california. >> i'm sandhya patel. a string of sunny warmer days coming up. i'll be ba
update now on an incident in the nation's capital on edge tonight. federal agents investigating a letter tested positive for the deadly poison ricin. a tiny drop can be deadly. henry reid confirmed the find. it was intercepted where mail is sent to be screened so it never reached it's intended destination. the office of roger wicker a republican from mississippi. >> authorities in the south bay believe an effort cutoff phone services and nearly knocked out power to that part of the bay area today. someone shot up a substation this morning. five of the seven banks were hit. at ask t phone lines were damaged nearby. knocking out land line service for customers in south santa clara county. >> this is within a half mile so because of the time frame
and distance we believe that it's related. >> this damage was not enough to shut off electricity. however, while pge is fixing it they've asked customers to conserve energy. >> tonight democrats and state senate using their super majority to advance a package of bills to make california gun control laws tougher. and a vocal minority spoke up outside today. abc 7 news has the stri this is my boy. i love him. i miss him. and i need something done about this, i'm tired of hurting. >> with oakland police chief jordan and l.a. mayor showing support, an emotional senate public safety committee hearing as lawmakers took steps towards moving a package of measures designed to curve gun violence. the sandy hook massacre is the inspiration and the rallying point to do more to toughen
laws in california already considered toughest in the nation. >> i replay that day in my head daily. it enrages me. it brings me to my knees in sadness and anger. >> i'm counting on you all to do the right thing. >> among provisions life saving intelligent firearms enforcement act requires six magazines on semi automatic rifles, bans possession of magazines holding more than 10 rounds and mandates permits to purchase ammunition. rob young survived a school shooting that killed five and feels more restrictions will only hurt gun owner who's follow rules. >> criminals do not play by the rules, they can care less about fans or laws. >> it's going to do nothing and i mean absolutely nothing. to curve violent crime. >> assembly active a measure
making it a crime to negligently store a loaded weapon or leave it where a child can get to it won first committee approval. >> american airlines facing delays after grounding flights today for several hours. american air lines counter in san francisco international airport was crowded with folks trying to change their flight. airline says a computer problem crashed it's system. american uses that system to track passengers and update gate assignments. 1400 flights were cancelled or delayed. american says passengers will be able to rebook without fee autos still breezy out there. temperatures coming up. >> warmer. >> yes. >> sandhya patel is in for spencer tonight. >> temperatures up today and going to continue to head head into that direction. it's quiet now. we're not expecting rain at this hour.
there is a freeze warning at 11:00 p.m. tonight. that includes yu kaia to keep that in mind. high definition south beach camera looking at beautiful view out towards the bay we do have sunshine. 59 in san francisco now. it's 65 degrees in san jose. 50 in half moon bay. sheer look at satellite picture, high pressure will be calling shots here there. is a string of sunny day as head so nice looking weather if you like spring time weather with mild conditions. tomorrow morning is going to start off chilly in north bay valleys temperatures around freezing. 33 degrees in napa. so just a degree above freezing. low to mid-40s around the bay and coast.
it will be a chilly one and we can see some frost in the north bay valleys protected by winds. 67 tomorrow afternoon. 72 across the bay in oakland. mid-70s santa rosa, napa. is going to be sunny. 62 half moon bay. enjoy sun it's going to stick around throughout the weekend. low 80s thursday, friday. and inland areas low 60s coast side. that low clouds begin to return near coastline so... saturday might be cooler near the coast. cooler into tuesday you'll notice no rain drops. >> all right. thank you. >> lots of sports boxing to talk about. >> the yes now is how could he beat the unbeaten?
signs of progress at yahoo. earnings report shows profits up by 36% but revenues down. yahoo continues to struggle at
selling ads. intel sticking to its guns. the company insisted today it can reach its forecasts for the year. intel reports earnings of $2 billion about what it had predicted. wall street made up ground lost yesterday. the dow shot up 157 points after news home construction reached highest levels in five years. >> good evening, robert gurero getting ready for may 4th in las vegas. from gilroy, working up the ranks for years. this is his chance to shock the world. he knows upsetting floyd is going to be a major challenge. >> you've got to be ready to do everything there with fleed. with floyd you need a game plan.
so you've got to be ready for whatever. he make as justments here and there. makes it tougher to get fighters in there with him. >> the draft is nine day as way and cal wide receiver has got explaining to do. allen had a drug test red flagged and may have had high levels of water in his system that. could be used to flush out other substances. he's projected to be one of the first receivers off the board in the draft. john madden says pat somer as all is the voice of football and always will be. he called 16 super bowls and will be remembered for his masters and u.s. open courage. he played in nfl in 50s and early 60s and mid a smooth transition to broadcast booth working with madden 21 years at cbs and fox. one of the greats of the
business this, abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware he was one of the greats. >> and going back to may sweather fight. >> he's hard to hit. the expectation is that gurero not going to be able to get to him. >> yes. >> but 10-1 is enticing if you're inclined to believe in the ghost. >> which people do. >> thank you. >> join me tonight a different road rage. daily runs make taik on new meaning. >> then at 11:00 new level of security you can expect to see in the bay area. >> tonight's prime time line up agains at 8:00 and body of proof. we'll be back with you at 11:00. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks
for watching. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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